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The Carthaginian II (see the dive site review at is a shipwreck off the coast of Lahiana, Hawaii which was sunk December 13, 2005 to form an artificial reef and to support local tourism. The ship lies in about 90 feet of water and is accessible by boat from Lahaina harbor. The ship was originally a cement carrier built in Germany in 1920 and rechristened the Carthaginian II in 1973 and refitted to resemble an 18th century whaling ship. It served as a museum ship in Lahaina for over 30 years until she was reefed in 2005. The ship is great for underwater photography and supports a good variety of marine life.

The ship was sunk approximately 6 years ago and now supports a wide variety of marine life. When you begin to descend from the mooring ball you will normally be able to see the outline of the ship quite easily. The visibility is usually 80+ feet and much of the time over 100+ feet. There can be some current on this site so some divers may want to descend using the mooring line. As you descend you will begin to notice more details regarding the ship and the impacts of being on the reef for about 6 years. The main mast collapsed in mid-summer 2011 and can now be seen sitting on the deck. The access to the hold itself is quite large and easily accessible. The engine room and forward compartment is blocked by a gate but you can still get a good variety of photos in this area. There are typically a number of frogfish on the wreck. These fish are usually well placed for macro photos and can consume a lot of bottom time, but it is well worth the effort.

You will also find a wide variety of fish including, Pacific Trumpetfish, Sergeant Majors, Dascyllus, Orangespine Unicornfish, Rainbow Cleaner Wrasse, and many more.

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