Mala Pier { 32 images } Created 7 Jan 2012

Mala Pier has to be the best shore dive on Maui and a great spot for underwater photography. It is hard to believe that not very many visiting scuba divers know about this Maui dive site. It can be accessed from land (enter on the west side of the old pier if you are more adventuresome, or enter via the boat ramp, but watch for boats) or from a dive boat. Typically, if you are diving on the Carthaginian II, Maui Divers will bring you to this site as a second dive. This is one dive that is not to be missed and can be followed up with a great dinner in Lahina. This is a great spot for underwater photography and is certainly one of my favorite scuba diving sites on Maui. So whether you are looking for pictures of fish or new shark photos this is a great dive. For a complete review of the dive site see my blog
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