Oro Verde { 24 images } Created 24 Nov 2011

The Oro Verde (meaning Green Gold) shipwreck in Grand Cayman has been a favorite site for divers since she was sunk on May 31, 1980 by the Cayman government. The vessel a 131-foot 692-ton freighter lies in about 50 feet of water just off Grand Cayman’s famous Seven Mile Beach. The wreck has deteriorated a lot since her reefing, mainly as a result of several hurricanes that have hit the island in the last 30 years. The debris field today is scattered over a wide area with only the bow section still intact.

This is a very worthwhile dive still and I especially like it as a night dive for the variety of marine species that are present. The Oro Verde lies about 100 yards off shore so advanced divers in good physical condition could reach it as a shore dive but with the long swim and requisite dive flags and floats due to offshore boat traffic, why bother? All of the local dive operators will be happy to take you to the Oro Verde as your second half of a two tank west side boat dive, an afternoon dive or on a night dive. I would urge you to dive the wreck whether it is the first time or it you have dove on the wreck before. The site is constantly changing and the marine species always make for an interesting dive.
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